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Career Pathways

Careers by choice – not by chance! 

Careers by choice – not by chance! Big Lake exposes students to all post-high school options, guides them as they identify the areas they want to explore more, and then connects them to local organizations to gain hands-on experience!  It’s all part of our 3e model!

Each of our classes is aligned to one or more career pathways

  • Agriculture
  • Food and Natural Resources
  • Arts, Communications and Information Systems  Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Health Science Technology
  • Human Services; and Business, Management and Administration.

Our students take courses from several different pathways to help them learn about various careers or college majors. Once they find a strong interest, they focus on classes identified aligned with that pathway.

How do we support students through discovering their career interests?  Through our 3e education!

Ladder depicting the activities involved in each of the steps of the 3E model.

3e: Exposure, Exploration, & Experience

Our Local Graduation Requirements Support Career Trajectory!

All our students are coached through their high school career not only on ways to be successful in high school, but in finding careers they are passionate about post high school. Our local graduation requirements put students on a trajectory to choose a career path they are excited about. Learn more about these courses in our course registration guide.

Required career readiness classes:

  • 9th Grade (choose one)
    • High School Success Skills
    • EXCEL Civics
  • 10th Grade (choose one):
    • Financial Literacy
    • Money Management Skills
  • 11th Grade:
    • Career Planning
  • 12th Grade (choose one):
    • Career Exploration
    • College Success Skills
    • Youth Apprenticeship
    • On the Job Training
    • Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO)